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The Sattasai, or the Seven hundred, is an anthology of short poems about love and marriage in the villages of the Indian countryside. The selection is attributed to the Satavahana king Hala, who reigned briefly in the first century AD in what is now the state of Maharashtra. All the poems are couplets and have a variety of rhythm. Each poem describes an emotion or presents a situation. This is an elegant.

GAHA SATTASAI(1)La primera, dedicada al Sattasai, del cual contiene 53 poemas; y una segunda, de poemas traduci-dos del sánscrito. Schelling es autor de otros libros de poesía hindú, de la cual es un profundo conocedor. Peter Khoroche/ Herman Tieken. Poems on Life and Love in Ancient India. Hala’s Sattasai. Excelsior Editions, 2009. Otra versión excelente, más completa, del texto en cuestión. Jean-Claude Carrière en su.

He was the compiler of and contributor to the Poetic Anthology Gathasaptasati (known as Gaha Sattasai in the Maharashtri Prakrit in which it is composed) Translated into many Indian, European, and Middle Eastern languages, the Sapta sati (also known as Gaha koso —or ‘Treasury of Gathas’) is considered to be one of the earliest surviving anthologies of Classical Indic Poetry.

BIBLIOGRAFÍA. Podéis leer más poemas del Sattasai en mi libro Tu encanto es dulce como la miel: Los orígenes de la lírica amorosa.Otras obras interesantes son: BASAK, R., The Prakrit Gatha Saptasati, Calcuta, The Asiatic Society, 1971. KHOROCHE, P. & TIEKEN, H., Poems on Life and Love in Ancient India.Hala’s Sattasai, Albany (Nueva York), Excelsior Editions, 2009.

01-01-2014  · The Sattasai offers a more realistic counterpart to that notorious theoretical treatise on love, the Kamasutra, which presents a cosmopolitan and calculating milieu. Translators Peter Khoroche and Herman Tieken introduce the main features of the work in its own language and time. For modern readers, these short, self-contained poems are a treat: the sentiments they depict remain affecting and.

Other articles where Sattasaī is discussed: South Asian arts: The short lyric.

Hāla under the name of Sattasaī (“The Seven Hundred”), tends to be simpler in imagery and in the emotion portrayed than their Sanskrit counterparts, but essential differences are difficult to pinpoint.

Gatha Saptashati → Gahasattasai — – This work is in Maharashtri Prakrit, so the title of the article should be its original title in that language rather than its Sanskrit equivalent and the word Gahasattasai is a single word. Joy1963 Talk 05:15, 24 February 2011 (UTC) . It would be fine to move it to Gaha Sattasai or Gāhā Sattasaī, or even Hala’s Sattasai, but I disagree that "Gahasattasai" is a single word.If you look at.

The main objective of the Sathya Sai Organisation is to help man to recognise the Divinity that is inherent in him. It is the prime duty of everyone who has had the chance of this human birth, to spare a part of their energies occasionally to prayer, repetition of the Lord’s name, meditation, etc. Everyone must equate living with truth, righteousness, peacefulness, and good works that are of service to others. Prema.

El Sattasai, en cambio, nos habla de amores concretos, de relaciones vivas. Además, si el Kamasutra está escrito en sánscrito, la lengua de la alta cultura, el Sattasai está en prácrito, una imitación literaria del idioma que hablaban las gentes humildes (que son los protagonistas de los poemas) al sur del área de influencia sánscrita.

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