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DELHI: At the 17th century Shahi Idgah in the city’s centre near Sadar Bazar, a community vigil against the CAA–NPR–NRC.

My mind flashed back to Mr. Juster’s two predecessors in India. Ambassador Chester Bowles’ wife, Dorothy Bowles, a regular.

This edition of Data Innovation Bazaar is being hosted in partnership with Startup India and Invest India, and knowledge.

At Sadar Bazar, where shopkeepers usually stock up on pichkaris and.

Now, many are settling for material from Delhi.

NEW DELHI: The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT.

A member of CAIT said that traders in commercial, as well as.

Indian-Americans confused over New Delhi’s travel restrictions – The curbs that went into effect Friday onward at the ports of departure have altered the travel plans for many in the US, The.

Many farmhouses and five-star hotels across Delhi/NCR have cancelled their Holi celebration events and signature pool parties.

Sadar Bazar Sunday Market Delhi (2020) | Sadar Bazar Delhi | Wholesale and Retail Market [Hindi]The battle of pinds – At almost every corner stands a chole vendor with a circular copper vessel inclined on a stand, doling out affordable.

The Gurugram police nabbed a Delhi resident for allegedly torching shops near a mosque in Sadar Bazaar. The act was captured.

Game Shalimar Indian Matka Mumbai Mumbai, Mar 4 (PTI) Two aides of gangster Harish Mandvikar were arrested for allegedly. The police arrested Mandvikar, who was involved in the killing of ‘Matka King’ Suresh Bhagat, for extortion, <img src='' alt='कल्याण दि. 23-03-2020 सोमवार 2nd टच और 3rd टच धमाकेदार 2 स्किम लाईनसे 2 ओपन और दो जोडी देखिए.

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